Hijab Radicals / Zoey

Zoey was a local girl from Regensburg, she didn’t do that well in school and didn’t really find an affinity or passion for anything except getting dressed up, partying and dating. She was already 25 and all her school friends were settling down, having babies and getting jobs or moving away and she was still left there, working at the local hotel as a hostess and even barmaid, with no real plans or opportunities. And neither were there any local guys who wanted to date her seriously. She was lost and bored. Sometimes for fun, when hot businessmen would come to town for a meeting or convention, she would have them wine and dine her, and then have fun and frivolous meaningless sex that didn’t satisfy her deeper urges to be conquered and won over. She had fucked men from all over, but she could only be with a German. She wasn’t into foreigners and strange ideas. But still, she felt like she was wasting away and that her life had nothing to offer her. She didn’t expect a mosque opening up in town, right next door to the hotel would have such a huge impact on her. She would see the same people every Friday coming for prayers and one guy caught her eye. He looked mixed, since he wasn’t as dark as the other ones, but he was definitely Muslim. One day, after noticing her staring, he came over and invited her to join them at prayer sometime if she was curious. She decided, why not I have nothing to lose expect to get to know this hot guy better. His name was Fatos and he was Albanian. Soon after learning all about the Koran, she fell head over heels for this guy who was talking about God but his eyes were saying something different. She made the move, one Friday, she simply left a hotel key room in his shoes, so when he’d leave the mosque he knew exactly where to find her. He saw her buck naked, in doggy position, waiting on the bed, so he could fuck her to salvation. And that he did, and soon after she started calling herself a Muslim and wearing the hijab.